Front Walkway

Walk up to your front door on these new “cambridge” pavers.

Patios & Walkways

With a wide variety of products, these hardscapes are highly customizable. Both add value and function to your home by providing space for outdoor dining, sunbathing, sitting, cooking, and other leisure activities.

Concrete Pavers

Virtually maintenance free, concrete pavers are durable and beautiful. With a variety of option of colors, textures, shapes, sizes and patterns, we can design your pavers to be unique to your home.


The yard looks lovely and is no longer a swamp. I would highly recommend Dynamic Outdoors!

Susan Sabouni

The Sabouni Residence

The Sabouni residence is a 50-year-old home in Berwyn, PA with a sloped back yard which has cause the homeowners a lot of frustration dealing with flooding and erosion in their backyard.

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A $200 value