Landscape irrigation keeps your lawns and plants hydrated and colorful while you are away from home. Save water costs, protect your investment and control with cutting-edge Bluetooth technology.


  • Two types of landscape irrigation – drip irrigation and overhead spray irrigation
  • Drip irrigation is used in plant beds and is installed between the soil and mulch layers
    • Drip irrigation allows water to be slowly and evenly distributed to all plant types – trees, shrubs, grasses, perennials, and annual flowers
    • This type of system is efficient – saves on water usage and costs – less evaporation and water runoff than overhead spray irrigation
    • Easy to use – automated irrigation clocks can be set to water at any time and frequency – newer clocks connect to your phone using Bluetooth
    • Easy to maintain – drip tubing is easily accessible since it is installed above ground – easy to replace parts, easy to modify and add on more drip tubing
    • Moisture sensors are an option – these sensors are installed in each irrigation zone and will override the automated irrigation clock so overwatering is not an issue
  • Overhead spray irrigation is typically used in large lawn areas and low groundcover beds
    • There are many types of spray heads that are interchangeable and easy to replace – easy to modify your system as your landscape evolves over time
    • Overhead spray systems give you peace of mind during the hot summer months – these months are usually when homeowners are traveling, so having a spray system in place is essential – protects your investment


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