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Residential Landscaping

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Let’s DO Landscape Design

Let Us Take Your Yard from Drab to Inspired Outdoor Living

Landscape Design + Installation

Dynamic Outdoors has the experience to put the time, energy, and skill into a detailed design, and you can be confident we put the same effort into all phases of your Dynamic Outdoor project.

Let Us Take Your Yard from Drab to Inspired Outdoor Living

Work with our landscaping design specialist to create a breathtaking focal point in your backyard. We work with you from consultation, to design, to the full build of your outdoor living space.

Outdoor living spaces will increase the overall usable space of your home and when properly designed and installed by a professional design company, an outdoor living space will increase your enjoyment while adding value to your home.

We know you have a vision for how the exterior of your home looks and functions. Cooking and entertaining outside? Swimming or gathering with friends around a firepit? Share your dream with us. Let’s DO it! Let’s make your vision a reality. Our experienced, professional landscape design team thinks of your yard as an extension of your indoor living space. 

Here’s How We Work:
Step 1. Listen & Learn
Following our free onsite consultation, our designer and project manager will meet with you and all decision-makers at your home, and together we will discuss project details including your wants, needs, budget, and vision. Your designer collects preliminary information about your property, measures the project area, and photographs the existing conditions. Once the project scope and elements have been considered we can develop your design.

Step 2: Design
Our team stays up to date with the latest landscaping trends, including hardscaping materials, appliances, features, and knowledge of plants native to Pennsylvania and Connecticut, and will create exciting plans and designs specific to your home’s location. It’s more than just a sketch. It’s a detailed landscape design plan that considers sun exposure, grading, plumbing, electricity, outdoor lighting, drainage solutions, and many other important details.

Step 3: The Plan and Agreement
Your designer and project manager will review your plan and proposal Iterations and decisions are made and the project is decided and budgets determined. You will then finalize the product and material selections. Once we agree to a plan, a 50% deposit will move you one step closer to seeing your landscape design.

3D Rendering on outdoor lotch

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Properly designed and installed lighting adds a level of richness you never thought possible.

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